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Our gastronomy
The flavours of the earth

The mountain cuisine is about austerity and tradition, with recipes from past eras defined by a subsistence economy: simple and based on an abundant and rich seasoning of spices and the typical products of the region, such as flour, hunted quarry, fish from the river (mainly trout), legumes, fresh vegetables, numerous fruits and mainly using Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the "Sierra de Cazorla" Denomination of Origin from Picual and Royal varieties.

They are extra virgin olive oils with an acidity of less than 0.4% - 0.6% respectively, rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K, a high content of monounsaturated fats and natural antioxidants and an organoleptic assessment that ensures excellent oil quality.

This product is the result of a careful cultivation process, selection and preparation of the olive from the olive groves of Sierra de Cazorla, which aims to obtain an authentic natural fruit juice. Its consumption has important positive effects on the circulatory and digestive system.

Its gastronomy is defined by the weather itself, with an abundant and rich seasoning of spices and the natural products seasoned with a touch of quality provided by the excellent oil from our olive groves, an authentic jewel on every table that boasts culinary art. Among the most relevant are:

Gachamiga (flour crumbs with dried peppers, sausage and black pudding)
Talarines (fine pasta with water and salt stewed with hare or rabbit meat)
· Rin Ran (Peppers with cod and potatoes)
· Deer in sauce (stewed deer with potatoes)
· Serrana trout (stuffed with garlic, serrano ham and olive oil)
· Sweet porridge (dessert with flour, cinnamon and honey)

Also noteworthy are the pork and wild boar sausages as well as cured mountain ham. Some of the most outstanding products are the sausages (chorizos, black and white blood sausage, Iberian spicy sausage) and the partridge pâté that has a very characteristic taste. The exquisite delicatessen products, of smooth and soft texture, provide excellent flavours for the taste buds.

And after this wide and succulent variety of dishes, you have mouth-watering desserts at your disposal. Local and seasonal fruits, the “sweet rice”, the “enreos”, the “white delicacy”, the “meloja”, and the sweet porridge will delight the sweet tooth.

Wash the food down with a good "cuerva" or Sparteña wine, which albeit scarce, is typical in this region.

Finally, a glass of homemade risol or mistela, or pacharán serrano and digestive infusions of aromatic plants of the Sierra: stone tea, mint tea, or chamomile tea.

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  • Hotel Sierra de Cazorla & SPA 3*
  • Hotel & SPA Sierra de Cazorla 4*
  • San Pedro Apartments

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