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With more than 210.000 hectares of extension, is the largest protected natural area in Spain, and one of the largest in Europe. The Sierra de Cazorla, declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1983, and Natural Park in 1986, is a set of steep mountains, crossed by rivers with strong flows that form numerous waterfalls and quite lagoons, and with dense forests that give shelter to an extraordinary variety of wildlife and abundant Flora.


Rich and varied wildlife, highlighting the great cabin of deer, ibex and wildboar, as well as important populations of wild cat, fox, otter mufflon and fallow.

The mountain goat has been one of the iconic animals of the Park.

We emphazise among the birds the griffon vulture and the golden eagle, as well as the bearded vulture, in repopulation process. The lizard Valverde and the snub noser adder (viper latastei) stand out.


It is the largest expanse of pine forest in Spain,with representation of almost all species and the oldest specimens of Europe, thought the most abundant is the pinus nigra. Forests of Aleppo pine are up to 900 m. of altitude, accompanied by strawberry trees and mastic, as memory of the Meditarranean forest that was there. As we move into high we find forests of oaks, gall oaks and important zones of maritime pine. In wetter areas we can find exemples of ancient yews and hollies, both extremely rare in Andalucia . On the reverbanks grow ash-trees, willows, black poplars, and reeds and cattails, where waterfowl and small mammals are sheltered. This Natural reserve encloses one of the richest florae of the whole Mediterranean bassin . Of more than 1.300 cataloghed species, 24 are exclusive or this area, as Cazorla violet (Viola Cazorlensis), the unique carnivorous plant (Pinguicula valllisnerifolia), and other such as Geranium Carolezense or Aquilegia cazorlensis.

Inside the park, we can find the Botanical Garden “Torre del Vinagre”, where you can learn the most representative plants properly labeled.