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Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Called the “City of Hills”, welth today corresponds to its former glory.

Visiting the city is moving in time and travelling back in time. Its important past has left indelible traces of its brilliance of long ago. Jewel of the Andalusian Renaissance, during this period it reached its peak and its streets and squares were filled with Palaces, Convents, Walls and Stately Homes.

Buildings declared National Monuments and of Cultural Interest, are distributed throughout the city, highlighting the degree of conservation of studded wooden doors and iron knockers, lanterns and bars.

Vázquez de Molina Square is the monumental heart of Ubeda, being a model of urban planning unknown hitherto in Spain.

The Sacred Chapel of El Salvador, undoubtedly the most beloved and representative of the whole city monument. The auction house, in front of the Holy Chapel, adopting the role of sacred theatre.

The Royal Collegiate of Santa María Maggiore in the Royal Palace, Palacio de las Cadenas (Chains Palace) (also known as Palace of Vázquez de Molina), Deán Ortega Palace, Marquis of Mancera Palace, Pedro de Toledo residence, The Bishop Jail, the Pósito (public granary), Juan de Medina House, Venetian Fountain Francisco de los Cobos.