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Spa Phone number: 953 720 500
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Carretera de la Sierra, s/n.
CP 23476, La Iruela, Jaén.

The Hotel, located in the unique setting of Sierra de Cazorla, on a natural ledge with magnificient views. 100 meters from La Iruela village, 2,5 Kms from Cazorla, and along the access road to Sierras de Cazorla Natural Park.
The Madrid-Cádiz (N-IV) highway, which share the N-322, connects the area with the rest of Andalusia and other communities. As the Natural Park has a large area, we will detail the main entrances.

The entrance to Andalusia, from the north, is via Park of Despeñaperros to Bailén, where we will take the N-322, towards Linares and Úbeda until Torreperogil. Here we turn right to road A315, direction Peal de Becerro, and from there on the A-319 to Cazorla- La Iruela.

The entrance to the county from Albacete by the N-322 is from the deviation of Torreperogil, or before, at Villacarrillo, direction Mogón, until Santo Tomé. From here the JV-7101 to Cazorla.

For visitors from the South-est of Andalusia, Murcia and Alicante, will be accesible via the A-92 highway to the vicinity of Baza, where it connects with the A-315 until Pozo Alcón, Quesada and Peal de Becerro. Those from Almería and Granada can arrive via the A-320 and Iznalloz and Guadahortuna to Jódar, until Peal de Becerro (C-328), and via A-319 to Cazorla-La Iruela.

Those entering from the North of the province of Granada, can do on the C-321, which coming from La Puebla de Don Fadrique drives up to Santiago de la Espada. The latter access is used by visitors from Murcia Community.

From Valencia the easiest and fastest way is the N-430, which leads us to Albacete, where it joins the N-322 towards Génave, villacarrillo, Mogón, Santo Tomé and Cazorla- La Iruela.

Distances in Kilometres from Hotel Sierra de Cazorla

– Madrid 100 Kms.
– Navacerrada 25 Kms.
– La Granja de San Ildefonso 11 Kms.
– Ávila 60 Kms.
– Río Frío 5 Kms.
– El Escorial 45 Kms.
– Pedraza 30 Kms.
– Las Hoces del Duratón 35 Kms.